Litho-cell Industrial High Voltage
358.4V to 665.6V system 100Kwh to 186Kwh
Model Number HV280
Installation Floor Standing
Shape cabinet
Battery Type Lithium Iron Phosphate
Nominal Voltage 358.4V to 665.6V
Real Amp-Hour 280AH
Capacity 100 Kwh to 186 Kwh
Max DOD (depth of discharge) 96%
Recommended DOD (depth of discharge) 80%
Display Type LED Screen
Communication CAN / RS485
Parallel Up to 15 in parallel
BMS type Smart Bms
BMS current 160A
Balancer type Passive balancer
Balancer current 200mA
temperature reading 8 sensors/rack
Protections over and under cell and pack voltage, over charge and discharge current, short circuit,over and under temperature
Rated charging current 70A
Max charging current 140A
Max discharge current 140A
Charging voltage Adapted by BMS communication
Cut-off Voltage Adapted by BMS communication
Cycle life @ 80% DOD & 0.25C/0.25C 9000 cycles 80%SOH
Cycle life @ 80% DOD & 0.5C/0.5C 6000 cycles 80%SOH
Expected Life 10 - 15 years
Cell Brand CATL
Dimensions 2150mm * 1050mm * 800mm
Weight 1100Kg to 1800Kg
Protection IP20